You should not worry because hell resembles an earthly palace and heaven is a spiritual ghetto

When it comes to spiritual enlightenment, I’ve been there and done that. As a child, I lived in the suburbs of Detroit with my grandparents and had a very strict Christian upbringing. The only time I left home was for church, church group, or family visits. As an adult, I’ll be honest here, it has definitely taken me many years to see God fully and truly understand what he does (both good and bad). In my personal life, I am now married to what may be considered “the most beautiful person on this earth,” but we have differences that make our marriage so hard. We have fought a lot over small stuff (hello, baby!), but when you’re both at the same place, your heart grows two sizes because everything is bigger than anything else, you can connect, feel each other’s pain, and get along just like the best of friends.

Even though the way heaven works in real-life seems strange, it’s still a place people go to learn more about their higher selves. It was made by someone who wasn’t really here and it has lots of people who are not here. That is why I think it’s important to know how to interpret things and find meaning in their stories. I found out early in my quest and journey to discover the reason for all this confusion when I went looking for some answers as to why I was seeing different pictures in the eyes of my husband’s mother-in-law and father-in-law.

In heaven, angels take care of everyone so people don’t have to deal with being single during times of sadness or grief. Although hell is dark and full of sorrow, they allow those souls who can’t stand their own loneliness to be comforted and loved. To be specific, they give them a chance to love. Love is one of the most complicated emotions. You cannot love someone you haven’t seen yourself in the mirror before. If you don’t believe me then come join me! But, if your soul doesn’t want to love you, I do say goodbye in the end. No matter who you are or where you are from, love is available for anyone who wants to be loved. You can even ask for it and be chosen right before you die! They also answer prayers, which only happens if you’re ready and open to learn more about yourself and your Higher Self.

The bible says in the book of Philippians 1:2, “I love you, therefore I may overcome death.” This speaks well as hell is based upon the opposite to heaven, hence its name. However, no person can ever escape from hell and neither does anyone who is going to Hell. Everyone will meet our Lord and face their own mortality and our Heavenly Father which is why we must first acknowledge him before we can love him. Therefore, before you try to tell yourself you will go to Hell, stop!

Let’s all work together and find our paths. Then we can all be with Him in eternity.

Peace and prosperity,

Trenton James