Tips & Ideas for Making an Original Halloween Costume

Have you been spooked by the idea of wearing a scary costume? Then this is your perfect chance to learn how to make the best Halloween costumes for people who love nothing more than seeing themselves in a horror film or video game. You are now equipped with all the knowledge and skills needed to create unforgettable Halloween looks if you follow these simple steps. All you need to do is figure out exactly what kind of Halloween costume would be best for your loved one and then look for resources that will give you an extra kick of confidence before they go trick or treating on October 31st. Here are some tips and ideas, based on my own Halloween experience so far, to get you started!

Before you start any outfit make sure it is suitable not only for their age but also for the events that are being held that day as well as just going into your closet in general. If a black catsuit will be too tight on them, a kitty sweater will suit better because there is a lot more room for movement when you choose a kitty sweater. Also, remember to check if your dress isn’t made of material that can get uncomfortable over time. Another thing to avoid is body piercings as these tend to irritate your skin during the Halloween event. I also recommend using at least two face makeup products in order to keep your skin at bay and prevent irritation or even infection. You might want to try asking someone to paint your nails in a different color, which will add another layer of fun. Make sure to leave no trace because when you walk through the woods after October 31st and don’t forget to pick up trash. Don’t forget to put away all the plastic Halloween decorations until next year’s festivities as well. This way your home and surroundings will always be spotless. Remember to pick colors similar to the ones you used for your hair and the overall makeup, this way your house looks like a haunted mansion as soon as the bell rings to commemorate Halloween. Lastly, keep in mind that having a new Halloween costume will mean a lot to them as they have become attached to you since birth and you will spend a majority of your time playing around with them. That said, be genuine about it and explain why you decided to wear something completely original to try to surprise them. They will appreciate the effort. Now that you know what to do this year let us know what you did yourself, as well as your favorite things to do when Halloween season comes around.

This Halloween doesn’t have to be a typical monster ride as a couple of months prior to Halloween season, we had our very first Halloween party. We had a few friends visit us to celebrate and get ready to turn over the spooky season in style. The party was so memorable and a great success because of our excellent guest list. Even though the weather was chilly and gloomy everyone got to enjoy themselves as long as we could control the temperature and make those cool wind chills disappear. It will never be the same again. Next Halloween is a whole month away and I cannot wait to share these top five Halloween-themed ideas. There are lots of good options and I hope that all my readers will find something they like and will give me suggestions to help with this new endeavor in 2021. I am excited for my first Halloween as much as you guys are, especially because it means the world to me to finally be able to see myself in that evil glow in a movie or video game as seen in the many games and movies.

1) A Monster House: My personal favorite theme from my second Halloween. After watching most horror films it seems as though every horror flick has a basic monster house. So I thought it would be really awesome to take it to the next level by making this one for our next Halloween. For inspiration please check out my YouTube channel:

It’s not easy to complete such a large project as mine. However, we were lucky enough to receive plenty of supplies to work with. My partner bought a huge bucket of spray paint (I ordered a bunch of watercolors) and painted our entire wall in blood, gore and teeth. Then we went into town to buy fake bones and we scattered them everywhere while carrying buckets of water and other items that we found necessary. Finally we decorated on our door and window sills adding skulls and other gruesome bits and pieces for decoration. We had everything lined up well just in case if we need to make changes or additions later down the road. Plus, if anyone thinks anything less of us then just call us and say hello! As one does every year after Halloween, it feels nice to finally have the chance to wear a pretty costume and feel good about ourselves to go pumpkin carving in front our neighbors.

2) Bloody Feast: I have always wanted to make a cake, however that has proven hard to make, and for this year it has even made cooking difficult. Since Halloween is more likely to happen on October 31st than Thanksgiving Day, I thought we should make a full menu instead! In the spirit of bringing you a slice of pie you will see a mix of recipes made with all kinds of pumpkins and gourds. I think I will use pine cones filled with white sugar candies that will come to life the night before the big bash as the main course. In addition, I have created three small dishes. One will be the Pumpkin Soup and the others the Goose Bites. On the side will be several baked goods including cookie cookies, candy corn, apple cider and caramel apples. To make this last meal I have kept a piece of orange in the fridge for dessert.

3) Candy Corn Treats: You will love this idea! Not only will you get the treat treat of all your childhood memories, but you will also get to enjoy making treats of them too! As one of the most popular Halloween snacks, you will want to make a batch. Then decorate them with a spider web of your choice and use them as confetti.

4) Candy Corn Dog Goggles: These goggles are a must have item and it will truly make you resemble the Spiderman or Iron Man character at the Halloween party! Although you may already have some spare glasses lying around your house, you will need to do these items as soon as possible. These will definitely fit a little bit larger of your head so you will need to make sure your hands are clean before putting them on. While it is still warm, you can place one on each eye and give a clear vision. Once you have completed this DIY project I promise all I have written above is true and that you will actually be able to enjoy the special treat you bought yourself.

5) Spooky Christmas Tree Decorating: It’s always a joy to get a festive touch on someone’s house. If there’s anything that brings joy to me while decorating it be it a snowman, teddy bear or holiday tree you should get this for him or her. Your house will feel more alive and happy when someone sees what you’ve done in the past few weeks.

As you know by now, Halloween is going to be a great time in 2022 and you’re going to want to do as a person the best you possibly can so let’s set out now to transform these five Halloween themed ideas into reality. Let’s hope that you receive many positive comments on your posts and if you really love to be yourself and dress how you want then you will dress this Halloween successfully.!