Markets Driven by Greed and Fear

It’s the year of 1929 and we are in a strange time where greed has overbearing influence over our society. A period that is being covered by this novel title, “Fear and Greed.” This novel is set in a small town in Northern Ireland and it brings us to the themes of morality, fear and greed. The moral of this story is greed and what it does when you look at those who have more power than others. These people will do anything they can to keep their status. To control people they call them “The elite,” but what exactly does that mean? They’re trying to tell you that greed is bad but it should be seen as something that is not good. In this novel, Charles Dickens wrote about an elite class of men, called “The upper crust” were known for their pride and arrogance.

He was writing from his own experience. As he mentions it is the most corrupt and evil way to live life however, not too much. When speaking with William Gladstone for example, they both had the same ideas about how greed should be avoided. Both men wanted to bring peace to the world. Unfortunately for many others like Gladstone they are just not going to happen. Many believe it is greed versus democracy but they are two different types of peoples and have different goals. On one end of the spectrum there are people who want to have everything in their hands and don’t care about anyone else. This includes most billionaires and politicians.

Then there are people like Peter Mayle and Edward Saker who want to work hard and make money but they also want a peaceful environment to live in. But their goals are completely opposites. One goal is not another’s goals. I love this novel because of all the characters that are interesting even though some aren’t. There was so much history being told and written about this time period. At first the readers and writers thought it would be such an easy read but it’s definitely not. So if you want to know more about the life style and lives of people back then than you’ll need to give this book a try.

By understanding and reading about these things, you understand so much better how greedy people can be and act. If you’re looking for advice on how to get rid of greed and worry about nothing you’ve got to give yourself a lot more than you think. What can you do about it? There is always a way out of problems and solutions. Now get a grip on your things, fix the problem, stop worrying your mind and start living it for yourself and everyone around you. Go ahead to start the new year by making the best new decisions and living the life that you love. You will learn the value of love.

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I’m a believer of love and I think its what makes life worth living. Whether its romantic love or friendship then it makes everything worth living. My favorite quote from this novel is by Henry James “Life isn’t a straight line between two points and you can never predict the future. But that doesn’t mean you can’t expect the future.” I love this novel and recommend it to those who love a bit of the past.

This is my second short story that I want to do a follow up on. Let me know how that goes and hopefully this article that I write will help you reach that point. Keep up with my other articles so you don’t miss all of them. Thank you for your time and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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